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   45's     The Sixties
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                      Interpret                                                  Titel                                 Preis
   -----------------------------------------------  ----------------------------------------------------------------  --------
   Alexander,Arthur                                 Every Day I Have To Cry / Everybody Needs Somebody To Love         5,00 DM
   Amen Corner                                      Get Back / Farewell To The ...                                     5,00 DM
   Anders'n'Poncia                                  So It Goes / Virgin To The Night                                   6,00 DM
   Andrews,Chris                                    Michigan River / For A Moment In My Life                           6,00 DM
   Anka,Paul                                        Lonely Boy / Diana                                                 3,00 DM
   Archies                                          Sugar Sugar / Melody Hill                                          5,00 DM
   Baldry,Long John                                 Let The Heartaches Begin / Lord,You Make The Night Too Long       12,00 DM
   Baldry,Long John                                 Let The Heartaches Begin / Lord,You Make The Night Too Long        6,00 DM
   Baskerville Hounds                               Last Night On The Back Porch / Caroline                           35,00 DM
   Beatles                                          Eight Days A Week / No Reply                                       5,00 DM
   Beatles                                          Hey Jude / Revolution                                              5,00 DM
   Beatles                                          Love Me Do / P.S.I Love You                                        5,00 DM
   Beatles                                          Something / Come Together                                          5,00 DM
   Bee Gees                                         I.O.I.O. / Sweetheart                                              9,00 DM
   Bee Gees                                         Jive Talkin' / Wind Of Change                                      5,00 DM
   Bee Gees                                         Love You Inside Out / I'm Satisfied                                5,00 DM
   Bee Gees                                         Love You Inside Out / I'm Satisfied                                5,00 DM
   Bee Gees                                         Massachusetts / Barker Of The U.F.O.                               9,00 DM
   Bee Gees                                         Massachusetts / Barker Of The U.F.O.                               9,00 DM
   Bee Gees                                         Night Fever / Down The Road                                        5,00 DM
   Bee Gees                                         Stayin' Alive / If I Can't Have You                                5,00 DM
   Bee Gees                                         Too Much Heaven / Rest Your Love On Me                             5,00 DM
   Bee Gees                                         Too Much Heaven / Rest Your Love On Me                             5,00 DM
   Bee Gees                                         Tragedy / Until                                                    5,00 DM
   Bee Gees                                         Tragedy / Until                                                    5,00 DM
   Bee Gees                                         You Win Again / Backtafunk                                         5,00 DM
   Bee Gees                                         You Win Again / Backtafunk                                         3,00 DM
   Bee Gees                                         You Win Again / Backtafunk                                         5,00 DM
   Bee Gees                                         You Win Again / Backtafunk                                         5,00 DM
   Blue Mink                                        We Have All Been Saved / Jubilation                                5,00 DM
   Byrds                                            America's Great National Pastime / Farther Along                   4,00 DM
   Canned Heat                                      Rockin' With The King / I Don't Care What You Tell Me              6,00 DM
   Captain Groovy's Bubblegum Army                  Captain Groovy & His Bubblegum Army / Bubblegum March             15,00 DM
   Chambers Brothers                                Bring It Down Front / Me And Your Mother                           5,00 DM
   Checker,Chubby                                   Dancin' Party / The Huckle-Buck                                    5,00 DM
   Clark,Petula                                     Mille Mille Gracie / Gigolo Gigolino                              12,00 DM
   Clark,Petula                                     This Is My Song / The Show Is Over                                 8,00 DM
   Cream                                            Badge / Doing That Scrapyard Thing                                 9,00 DM
   Creedence Clearwater Revival                     Fortunate Son / Down On The Corner                                 7,00 DM
   Creedence Clearwater Revival                     Green River / Commotion                                            8,00 DM
   Creedence Clearwater Revival                     Green River / Commotion                                            7,00 DM
   Creedence Clearwater Revival                     Green River / Commotion                                            7,00 DM
   Creedence Clearwater Revival                     I Heard It Through The Grapevine / Porterville                     7,00 DM
   Creedence Clearwater Revival                     Lookin' Out My Backdoor / Long As I Can See The Light              7,00 DM
   Creedence Clearwater Revival                     Lookin' Out My Backdoor / Long As I Can See The Light              7,00 DM
   Creedence Clearwater Revival                     Molina / Sailor's Lament                                           7,00 DM
   Creedence Clearwater Revival                     Molina / Sailor's Lament                                           7,00 DM
   Creedence Clearwater Revival                     Run Through The Jungle / Up Around The Bend                       12,00 DM
   Creedence Clearwater Revival                     Someday Never Comes / Tearin' Up The Country                       7,00 DM
   Creedence Clearwater Revival                     Sweet Hitch-Hiker / Door To Door                                   7,00 DM
   Cuff Links                                       Run Sally Run / I Remember                                         9,00 DM
   Cuff Links                                       Some Girls Do / Poppa's Theme                                      6,00 DM
   Cuff Links                                       Thank You Pretty Baby / The Kiss                                   9,00 DM
   Cuff Links                                       Tracy / Where Do You Go ?                                          7,00 DM
   Cuff Links                                       When Julie Comes Around / Sally Ann                                7,00 DM
   Davis,Spencer  Group                             Mr.Operator / Touching Cloth                                       6,00 DM
   Dee,Dave  & Marmelade                            Scirocco / I Don't Believe In Love Anymore                         6,00 DM
   Dee,Dave  Dozy,Beaky,Mick & Tich                 Bend It / You Make It Move                                        12,00 DM
   Dee,Dave  Dozy,Beaky,Mick & Tich                 The Legend Of Xanadu / Please                                     15,00 DM
   Dee,Joey                                         Hello Josephine / Kansas City                                      5,00 DM
   Donovan                                          Atlantis / To Susan On The West Coast Waiting                      5,00 DM
   Donovan                                          Celia Of The Seals / Song Of The Wandering Aengus                  9,00 DM
   Donovan                                          Mellow Yellow / Sunny South Kensington                             5,00 DM
   Donovan                                          Riki Tiki Tavi / Roots Of Oak                                     15,00 DM
   Dylan,Bob                                        If Not For You / New Morning                                      15,00 DM
   Dylan,Bob                                        If Not For You / New Morning                                       9,00 DM
   Dylan,Bob                                        On A Night Like This / You Angel You                              15,00 DM
   Equals                                           Have I The Right / Lover Let Me Go                                 5,00 DM
   Equals                                           Michael And The Slipper Tree / Honey Gum                          12,00 DM
   Equals                                           Softly,Softly / Lonely Rita                                       12,00 DM
   Equals                                           Soul Brother Clifford / Happy Birthday Girl                        6,00 DM
   Equals                                           Viva Bobby Joe / Instant Love                                      2,00 DM
   Face                                             The Crowd Is High / Wait For My Love                              12,00 DM
   Faith,Adam                                       I Survived / In Your Life                                          5,00 DM
   Faithfull,Marianne                               As Tears Go By / Greensleaves                                      5,00 DM
   Family Dogg                                      A Way Of Life / Throw It Away                                     12,00 DM
   Family Dogg                                      Arizona / The House In The Heather                                12,00 DM
   Family Dogg                                      Sympathy / Moonshine Mary                                          9,00 DM
   Fardon,Don                                       Indian Reservation / Dreaming Room                                12,00 DM
   Flaming Ember                                    I'm Not My Brothers Keeper / Deserted Village                      6,00 DM
   Flaming Ember                                    Westbound #9 / Why Don't You Stay                                  9,00 DM
   Fleetwood Mac                                    Albatross / Jigsaw Puzzle Blues                                    5,00 DM
   Fleetwood Mac                                    Oh Well / Part 2                                                   9,00 DM
   Fleetwood Mac                                    Oh Well part 1 / part 2                                           15,00 DM
   Flowerpot Men                                    A Walk In The Sky / Am I Losing You ?                              5,00 DM
   Free                                             Travellin In Style / Easy On My Soul                               8,00 DM
   Frijid Pink                                      Sing A Song For Freedom / End Of The Line                          5,00 DM
   Frumpy                                           Roadriding / Time Makes Wise                                      15,00 DM
   Gallery                                          Nice To Be With You / Ginger Haired Man                            5,00 DM
   Giorgio                                          Looky,Looky / Happy Birthday                                       5,00 DM
   Gracious                                         Beautiful / What A Lovely Rain                                    40,00 DM
   Grapefruit                                       C'Mon Marianne / Ain't It Good                                     9,00 DM
   Great American Disaster                          The Pushbike Song / Sister Lily                                    6,00 DM
   Greaves,R.B.                                     Take A Letter Maria / Big Bad City                                 0,00 DM
   Gunyun                                           Salvation Part 1 / Part 2                                          5,00 DM
   Hamburger Blues-"Gesang"-Verein von 1970 N.E.V.  Hey Willy / Mighty Pudding                                        20,00 DM
   Harrison,George                                  My Sweet Lord / Isn't It A Pity                                    0,00 DM
   Harrison,George                                  What Is Life / Apple Scruffs                                       0,00 DM
   Hendrik,Tony  Five                               Hola Carolina Maria / El Vagabundo                                15,00 DM
   Herd                                             The Game / Beauty Queen                                           15,00 DM
   Hollies                                          He Ain't Heavy - He's My Brother / 'Cos You Like To Love Me        0,00 DM
   Honeycombs                                       Is It Because / I'll Cry Tomorrow                                  0,00 DM
   Hunt,Marsha                                      C'est la vie / Do You Believe In Voodoo                            6,00 DM
   Ingmann,Jörgen                                   High Noon / Violetta                                               0,00 DM
   Jaggerz                                          What A Bummer / Memoirs Of A Traveller                             0,00 DM
   Jones,Samantha                                   My Way / Darling Be Home Soon                                      6,00 DM
   Joplin,Janis                                     Me And Bobby McGee / Half Moon                                     0,00 DM
   Joy & The Hitkids                                Oh!Darling / Runaway                                               0,00 DM
   Joy Unlimited                                    Go Easy Go Bahn / Komm Mit In Die Welt                             0,00 DM
   Joy Unlimited                                    Go Easy Go Bahn / Komm Mit In Die Welt                             0,00 DM
   Joy Unlimited                                    Take Me To The Pilot / It's Not Alright                           30,00 DM
   Kasenetz-Katz Singing Orchestral Circus          Yummy Yummy ... / Pop Goes ... / Mother Goose / Simon Says         0,00 DM
   King,Ben E.                                      Stand By Me / Yakety Yak                                           0,00 DM
   Lee,Leapy                                        Little Arrows / Time Will Tell                                     6,00 DM
   Lemon Pipers                                     Jelly Jungle / Shoeshine Boy                                       9,00 DM
   Lennon,John                                      Mind Games /Meat City                                              0,00 DM
   Lennon,John & Yoko Ono                           Woman / Beautiful Boys                                             0,00 DM
   Lennon,John / Yoko Ono                           (Just Like) Starting Over / Kiss Kiss Kiss                         0,00 DM
   Lennon,John / Yoko Ono                           Two Minutes Silence / Dub / Two Minutes Silence                    0,00 DM
   Lennon,John  Plastic Ono Band                    Give Peace A Chance / Remember Love                                0,00 DM
   Lennon,John  Plastic Ono Band                    Give Peace A Chance / Remember Love                                0,00 DM
   Lewis,Gary  & The Playboys                       My Heart's Symphony / I Won't Make That Mistake Again              0,00 DM
   Life                                             Hands Of The Clock / Ain't I Told You Before                      15,00 DM
   Light,J.J.                                       Heya / On The Road Now                                             9,00 DM
   Lind,Bob                                         Elusive Butterfly / Cheryl's Goin' Home                            0,00 DM
   Little Milton                                    Grits Ain't Groceries / I Can't Quit You Baby                     15,00 DM
   Lopez,Trini                                      Green,Green / Bye Bye Blackbird                                    6,00 DM
   Lopez,Trini                                      If I Had A Hammer / A-me-ri-ca / La Bamba / This Land Is Your...   0,00 DM
   Lopez,Trini                                      Smile / You Are My Sunshine                                        6,00 DM
   Love                                             Keep On Shining / The Everlasting First                            0,00 DM
   Lovin' Spoonful                                  Nashville Cats / Full Measure                                      0,00 DM
   Mama Cass                                        It's Getting Better / Who's To Blame                               6,00 DM
   Man                                              Day And Night / A Hard Way To Live                                 0,00 DM
   Man                                              Day And Night / A Hard Way To Live                                 0,00 DM
   Marbles                                          The Walls Fell Down / Love You                                     8,00 DM
   Nineteenhundredten Fruitgum Company              1,2,3 Red Light / Sticky,Sticky                                    8,00 DM
   Nineteenhundredten Fruitgum Company              Simon Says / Reflections From The Looking Glass                    3,00 DM
   Ryan,Barry  & Paul                               So laß uns leben / Glad To Know You                                6,00 DM
   Tremeloes                                        I Like It That Way / Wakamaker                                     5,00 DM
   West,Keith                                       The Power And The Glory / Liet Motif                               9,00 DM
   Who                                              5.15 / Water                                                       0,00 DM
   Who                                              You Better You Bet / The Quiet One                                 0,00 DM
   Who (The High Numbers)  (Reissue)                I'm The Face / Zoot Suit                                          25,00 DM

     Set Sale - List     CDs
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           INTERPRET                    TITEL              PREIS
   -------------------------  -------------------------  ----------
   20 Fingers feat. Gillette  On The Attack And More       15,00 DM
   4 Non Blondes              Bigger,Better,Faster,More    15,00 DM
   Ace Of Base                Happy Nation (U.S.           15,00 DM
   Adams,Bryan                Reckless                     13,00 DM
   Adams,Bryan                So Far So Good               10,00 DM
   Alien Sex Fiend            Open Head Surgery            15,00 DM
   Allan,Laura                Hold On To Your Dreams       15,00 DM
   Allman Brothers Band       Eat A Peach                  15,00 DM
   Allman Brothers Band       Idlewild South               15,00 DM
   Ambros  Fendrich  Danzer   Austria 3 - Live             15,00 DM
   Anderson,Bruford,Wakeman,  same                         15,00 DM
   Andreone,Leah              Veiled                       15,00 DM
   Arcadium                   Breathe Awhile               35,00 DM
   Argent                     same                         35,00 DM
   Army Of Lovers             Massive Luxury Overdose      10,00 DM
   Art Ensemble Of Chicago    Live In Berlin  2CD          25,00 DM
   Astley,Rick                Whenever You Need            10,00 DM
   Backyard Babies            Total 13                     19,00 DM
   Bad Company                Burnin' Sky                  15,00 DM
   Badesalz                   Diwodaso                     15,00 DM
   Badesalz                   Zarte Metzger                15,00 DM
   Banyan                     same                         10,00 DM
   Barretto,Ray               Energy To Burn               15,00 DM
   Bassomatic                 Set The Controls For The     10,00 DM
                              Heart Of The Bass
   Beautiful South            Welcome To                   15,00 DM
   Bender,Pete "Wyoming"      Bin Moll                     15,00 DM
   Benson,George              In Your Eyes                 15,00 DM
   Benton,Franz               Promises                     15,00 DM
   Benton,Franz               Talking To A Wall            15,00 DM
   Big Black                  Live                         19,00 DM
   Biohazard                  State Of The World           15,00 DM
   Blackhawk                  Love & Gravity               15,00 DM
   Bland,Bobby                Best Of                      10,00 DM
   Bland,Bobby                Members Only                 15,00 DM
   Blonde On Blonde           Contrasts                    35,00 DM
   Bluetones                  Expecting To Fly             15,00 DM
   Boel,Hanne                 Dark Passion                 15,00 DM
   Boel,Hanne                 Misty Paradise               15,00 DM
   Bon Jovi                   Keep The Faith               15,00 DM
   Bowie,David                Low  (RCA)                   35,00 DM
   Bowie,David                Young Americans  (RCA)       35,00 DM
   Brown,James                Best - Cold Sweat            15,00 DM
   Brown,Sam                  Stop !                       15,00 DM
   Browne,Jackson             Lawyers In Love              15,00 DM
   Browne,Jackson             Running On Empty             15,00 DM
   Burdon,Eric                Declares War                 19,00 DM
   Burning Spear              Man In The Hills             15,00 DM
   Candlebox                  same                         15,00 DM
   Captain Jack               The Mission                  10,00 DM
   Carmel                     Everybody's Got A Little     15,00 DM
                              ... Soul
   Cetera,Peter               One More Story               15,00 DM
   Cetera,Peter               Solitude / Solitaire         15,00 DM
   Cetera,Peter               World Falling Down           15,00 DM
   Chicago                    16                           13,00 DM
   Chicago                    17                           13,00 DM
   Chicago                    18                           13,00 DM
   Chicago                    19                           13,00 DM
   Chicken Shack              Simply Live                  19,00 DM
   Clapton,Eric               From The Cradle              15,00 DM
   Clapton,Eric               Journeyman                   15,00 DM
   Clapton,Eric               Pilgrim                      15,00 DM
   Clinton,George             Testing Positive 4 The       15,00 DM
   Cock Robin                 After Here Through           15,00 DM
   Cock Robin                 same                         15,00 DM
   Cocker,Joe                 Civilized Man                13,00 DM
   Cocker,Joe                 Unchain My Heart             15,00 DM
   Cohen,Leonard              Cohen Live                   13,00 DM
   Collins,Judy               Sings Dylan                  15,00 DM
   Collins,Phil               Both Sides                   15,00 DM
   Collins,Phil               No Jacket Required           10,00 DM
   Coltrane,John              A Love Supreme               15,00 DM
   Coltrane,John              The Last Trane               15,00 DM
   Commodores                 All The Great Love Songs     15,00 DM
   Cooper,Alice               Live                          7,00 DM
   Cranberries                No Need To Argue             10,00 DM
   Crash Test Dummies         God Shuffled His Feet        15,00 DM
   Crash Test Dummies         God Shuffled His Feet        15,00 DM
   Cross,Christopher          Another Page                 15,00 DM
   Cross,Christopher          Every Turn Of The World      13,00 DM
   Cross,Christopher          same                         13,00 DM
   Cure                       Entreat                      15,00 DM
   Cure                       Japanese Whispers            10,00 DM
   Dance With A Stranger      Fool's Paradise              15,00 DM
   Das Ich                    Staub                        15,00 DM
   David,Marcus               Greatest Hits                10,00 DM
   Davis,Miles                Amandla                      15,00 DM
   Davis,Miles                Cool                         15,00 DM
   Davis,Miles                We Want Miles                15,00 DM
   De La Soul                 Buhloone Mindstate           15,00 DM
   De La Soul                 Millie Pulled A Pistol On    10,00 DM
   Dead Kennedys              Frankenchrist                15,00 DM
   DeBurgh,Chris              Flying Colours               15,00 DM
   Denny,Martin               Exotica '90                  35,00 DM
   Depeche Mode               A Broken Frame               15,00 DM
   Depeche Mode               Construction Time Again      15,00 DM
   Dissidenten                Sahara Electric              35,00 DM
   Dog Eat Dog                All Boro Kings               15,00 DM
   Doldinger,Klaus            Doldinger's Best             19,00 DM
   Dorff,Joe                  Not One More Tear            15,00 DM
   Dr.K's Blues Band          Rock The Joint               35,00 DM
   Dubliners                  same                         10,00 DM
   Dummer,John  Blues Band    Cabal                        35,00 DM
   Dunbar,Sly  & Robbie       Reggae Dancehall             10,00 DM
   Dylan,Bob                  Manchester Prayer            25,00 DM
   Dylan,Bob                  The Warfield  2CD            35,00 DM
   Dylan,Bob  & The Band      Royal Albert Hall 1966       25,00 DM
   Earth,Wind & Fire          Best - Fantasy               15,00 DM
   East 17                    Walthamstow                  15,00 DM
   Epidermis                  Genius Of Original Force     35,00 DM
   Equals                     Very Best Of                 15,00 DM
   Estefan,Gloria             Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me    15,00 DM
   Evans,Bill                 Escape                       15,00 DM
   Family                     Bandstand                    19,00 DM
   Family                     Fearless                     19,00 DM
   Family                     Fearless                     19,00 DM
   Family                     It's Only A Movie            19,00 DM
   Fantastischen 4            die 4. Dimension             10,00 DM
   Farnham,John               Whispering Jack              15,00 DM
   Fendrich,Rainhard          Das beste von                15,00 DM
   Frampton,Peter             Frampton Comes Alive !       13,00 DM
   Fugees                     Blunted On Reality           15,00 DM
   Fugees                     The Score                    15,00 DM
   Gabriel,Peter              Real World  2CD              15,00 DM
   Geldof,Bob                 The Vegetarians Of Love      10,00 DM
   Genesis                    Abacab                       15,00 DM
   Genesis                    And Then There Were Three    15,00 DM
   Genesis                    Calling All Stations         17,00 DM
   Genesis                    Nursery Cryme                13,00 DM
   Genesis                    same                         15,00 DM
   Genesis                    Selling England By The       15,00 DM
   Genesis                    The Way We Walk  Vol.2 -     15,00 DM
                              The Longs
   Genesis                    Wind And Wuthering           15,00 DM
   German Oak                 same                         35,00 DM
   German Oak                 same                         35,00 DM
   Golden Earring             same                         15,00 DM
   Grand Funk                 E Pluribus Funk / We're      15,00 DM
                              An American Band
   Grateful Dead              Live/Dead                    15,00 DM
   Grateful Dead              Reckoning                    15,00 DM
   Haley,Bill                 Rock'n'Roll Stage Show       35,00 DM
   Hall,Daryl  & John Oates   H2O                          10,00 DM
   Harris,Emmylou             Duets                        15,00 DM
   Hathaway,Donny             In Performance               15,00 DM
   Hatters                    The Madcap Adventures ...    10,00 DM
   Hawkins,Ronnie  & Friends  Let It Rock ! Live !         15,00 DM
   Hawley,Jane                As We Walk On Thin Ice       15,00 DM
   Heaven 17                  How Men Are                  10,00 DM
   Helloween                  The Best - The Rest - The    15,00 DM
   Helmet                     Betty                        15,00 DM
   Heroes Del Silencio        El espiritu del vino         15,00 DM
   Hitchcock,Robyn            Gotta Let This Hen Out !     35,00 DM
   Hitchcock,Robyn            Groovy Decay                 35,00 DM
   Hoffmann,Klaus             Ciao Bella                   15,00 DM
   Hornsby,Bruce  & The       The Way It Is                15,00 DM
   Ideal                      Eitel Optimal - Das Beste    15,00 DM
   Idol,Billy                 Vital Idol                   13,00 DM
   Intermission               ...eine permanent helle      15,00 DM
   Iron Butterfly             Light And Heavy              15,00 DM
   It's A Beautiful Day       At Carnegie Hall             17,00 DM
   Jagger,Mick                Primitive Cool               15,00 DM
   Jagger,Mick                She's The Boss               15,00 DM
   James,Tommy  & The         Crimson And Clover /         35,00 DM
   Shondells                  Cellophane Symphony
   Jane's Addiction           Ritual De Lo Habitual        15,00 DM
   Jefferson Airplane         Best Of                      13,00 DM
   Jefferson Airplane         Fly Trans Love Airways       35,00 DM
   Jeremy Days                Speakeasy                    15,00 DM
   Jeronimo                   Cosmic Blues                 10,00 DM
   Jimmy & The Rackets        same                         15,00 DM
   Johnny Hates Jazz          Turn Back The Clock          15,00 DM
   Johnson,Don                Heartbeat                    10,00 DM
   Jones,Grace                Warm Leatherette             15,00 DM
   Jones,Quincy               Back On The Block            15,00 DM
   Kinks                      Village Green                15,00 DM
                              Preservation Society
   Kool & The Gang            Greatest Hits And More       15,00 DM
   Kool & The Gang            Something Special            15,00 DM
   Last Exit                  Iron Path                    15,00 DM
   Lazlo,Victor               Hot & Soul                   15,00 DM
   Lee,Peggy                  26 Golden Hits               10,00 DM
   Level 42                   Best - Lessons In Love       15,00 DM
   Level 42                   Forever Now                  15,00 DM
   Level 42                   Running In The Family        15,00 DM
   Lewis,Huey  & The News     Four Chords And Several      15,00 DM
                              Years Ago
   Lindisfarne                Lady Eleanor  2CD            15,00 DM
   LLoyd,Charles              Forest Flower /              19,00 DM
   MacGowan,Shane  & The      The Snake                    15,00 DM
   Maffay,Peter               Kein Weg zu weit             10,00 DM
   Maffay,Peter               Lange Schatten  2CD          15,00 DM
   Magic Fantasy  (Florian    Alice In Fashionland         10,00 DM
   Mann,Manfred  Earthband    20 Years Of (1971 - 1991)    15,00 DM
   Manowar                    The Hell Of Steel  (Best     15,00 DM
   Mantronix                  Music Madness Plus           10,00 DM
   Marley,Bob                 Reggae Hits Vol.1            10,00 DM
   Marriott,Steve             & The All Stars              15,00 DM
   Marriott,Steve             Alternative History          15,00 DM
   Massive Attack v Mad       No Protection                15,00 DM
   Matching Mole              BBC Radio 1 Live In          13,00 DM
   Matthews Southern Comfort  Best Of                      15,00 DM
   Mayfield,Curtis            Curtis                       35,00 DM
   McKennitt,Loreena          The Mask And Mirror          15,00 DM
   McLaughlin,John            Where Fortune Smiles         35,00 DM
   McPhee,Tony  (Groundhogs)  Two Sides Of                 35,00 DM
   McPhee,Tony  (Groundhogs)  Two Sides Of                 35,00 DM
   Meat Loaf                  Bat Out Of Hell 2            15,00 DM
   Meat Loaf                  Bat Out Of Hell 2            10,00 DM
   Mezzoforte                 No Limits                    15,00 DM
   Mezzoforte                 Playing For Time             15,00 DM
   Mezzoforte                 Rising                       15,00 DM
   Mezzoforte                 Surprise Surprise            15,00 DM
   Mezzoforte                 The Saga So Far              15,00 DM
   Mike & The Mechanics       Beggar On A Beach Of Gold    15,00 DM
   Miles,John                 Upfront                      15,00 DM
   Minogue,Kylie              same                         15,00 DM
   Mission                    Gods Own Medicine            15,00 DM
   Moore,Gary                 After The War                13,00 DM
   Moore,Gary                 Still Got The Blues          13,00 DM
   Moore,Gary                 Victims Of The Future        13,00 DM
   Moyet,Alison               Raindancing                  15,00 DM
   Mr.Big                     Bump Ahead                   15,00 DM
   Mr.Ed                      Jumps The Gun -              15,00 DM
   Music Revelation Ensemble  No Wave                      15,00 DM
   (James Blood Ulmer)
   Myles,Alannah              same                         15,00 DM
   Napalm                     Zero To Black                10,00 DM
   Neigel,Jule  Band          Herzlich Willkommen          15,00 DM
   Nelson,Willie              Shotgun Willie               15,00 DM
   Neuber,Hans Peter          Fantasy Dreams               10,00 DM
   Neuber,Hans Peter          Meditation-Lights            10,00 DM
   Nice                       BBC Sessions                 35,00 DM
   Nicolette                  Let No One Live...           15,00 DM
   Nirvana                    Bleach                       15,00 DM
   Normahl                    Lebendig 2                   15,00 DM
   Normahl                    Lebendig 3                   15,00 DM
   O'Connor,Sinead            Universal Mother             15,00 DM
   Ocean,Billy                Tear Down These Walls        15,00 DM
   Ochsenknecht,Uwe           Ochsenknecht                 15,00 DM
   Otis,Johnny  Show          Live At Monterey             35,00 DM
   Page,Jimmy  & Robert       Gallows Pole  MAXI            5,00 DM
   Pahinui Bros.  (& Ry       same                         15,00 DM
   Palmer,Robert              Addictions Vol.1             15,00 DM
   Paxton,Tom                 New Songs From The           15,00 DM
   Petty,Tom                  Wildflowers                  15,00 DM
   Pigface                    Gub                          15,00 DM
   Pitney,Gene                Young And Warm And           19,00 DM
                              Wonderful / Just One
   Plan B                     The Greenhouse Effect        15,00 DM
   Pretenders                 Get Close                    10,00 DM
   Pretty Things              Resurrection                 35,00 DM
   Prinzen                    Alles nur geklaut            15,00 DM
   Prinzen                    Das Leben ist grausam        15,00 DM
   Procol Harum               Something Magic              15,00 DM
   Propaganda                 A Secret Wish                15,00 DM
   Propaganda                 A Secret Wish                10,00 DM
   Question Mark & The        96 Tears Forever             35,00 DM
   R B X                      The RBX Files                15,00 DM
   Rafferty,Gerry             City To City                 15,00 DM
   Rainbirds                  same                         13,00 DM
   Ramones                    The Ravage Of Slumberland    19,00 DM
   Rein,Trine                 Beneath My Skin              15,00 DM
   Rembrandts                 same                         15,00 DM
   Renaissance                Illusion                     15,00 DM
   Residents                  Eskimo                       35,00 DM
   Richard,Keith              Live At The Hollywood        35,00 DM
   Richards,Keith             Talk Is Cheap                15,00 DM
   Right Said Fred            Sex And Travel                7,00 DM
   Rödelheim Hartreim         Direkt aus Rödelheim         15,00 DM
   Rolling Stones             Black And Blue               15,00 DM
   Rolling Stones             No Security                  19,00 DM
   Rolling Stones             Tattoo You                   13,00 DM
   Rosenberg,Marianne         Ich hab' auf Liebe           10,00 DM
   Roth,David Lee             A Little Ain't Enough        10,00 DM
   Roth,David Lee             A Little Ain't Enough        10,00 DM
   Rypdal,Terje               What Comes After             15,00 DM
   S W V                      It's About Time              15,00 DM
   Sabine Sabine              Sketches                     15,00 DM
   Sade                       Promise                      15,00 DM
   Sade                       Stronger Than Pride          15,00 DM
   Sagal,Katey  (aka Peggy    Well                         15,00 DM
   Saxon                      Crusader                     10,00 DM
   Schroeder,Wiebke           same                         15,00 DM
   Schwefel                   Luna Messalina               10,00 DM
   Scorpions                  Crazy World                  15,00 DM
   Secada,Jon                 Heart,Soul & A Voice         15,00 DM
   Seva                       Golden Age                   15,00 DM
   Shakatak                   Down On The Street           15,00 DM
   Shakatak                   Manic & Cool                 15,00 DM
   Shakatak                   Night Birds                  15,00 DM
   Shakey Vick                Little Woman You're So       35,00 DM
   Shock Therapy              Cancer                       15,00 DM
   Shock Therapy              Heaven And Earth             15,00 DM
   Shock Therapy              Santa's Little Helper        15,00 DM
   Silly                      Best Of Silly Vol.1          15,00 DM
   Simone,Nina                My Baby Just Cares For Me    10,00 DM
   Simply Red                 Men And Women                15,00 DM
   Simply Red                 Stars                        15,00 DM
   Sisters Of Mercy           Floodland                    15,00 DM
   Sisters Of Mercy           Floorshow                    19,00 DM
   Small Faces                Green Circle                 15,00 DM
   Social Distortion          Live At The Roxy             19,00 DM
   Social Distortion          Somewhere Between Heaven     15,00 DM
                              And Hell
   Soft Cell                  Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret      10,00 DM
   Soundtrack                 Absolute Beginners           10,00 DM
   Soundtrack                 Cool World                   15,00 DM
   Soundtrack                 Independence Day             15,00 DM
   Soundtrack                 Marcello Mastroianni         35,00 DM
   Soundtrack                 Natural Born Killers         15,00 DM
   Spandau Ballet             Parade                       15,00 DM
   Spandau Ballet             True                         15,00 DM
   Spendel,Christoph          Spendel                      15,00 DM
   Spirit                     same                         19,00 DM
   Spirit                     The Family That Plays        19,00 DM
   Spirit                     Twelve Dreams Of             19,00 DM
   Spliff                     Herzlichen Glückwunsch !     10,00 DM
   Springsteen,Bruce          Nebraska                     15,00 DM
   Stansfield,Lisa            Real Love                    15,00 DM
   Stansfield,Lisa            same                         15,00 DM
   Stansfield,Lisa            So Natural                   15,00 DM
   Starr,Ringo                Time Takes Time              15,00 DM
   Steamhammer                same                         15,00 DM
   Steeleye Span              A Stack Of                   15,00 DM
   Stewart,Dave               Greetings From The Gutter    15,00 DM
   Stewart,David A.           Lily Was Here                15,00 DM
   Stewart,John               Bullets In The Hour Glass    10,00 DM
   Stewart,John               California Bloodlines /      35,00 DM
   Stooges                    Fun House                    15,00 DM
   Stooges                    same                         15,00 DM
   Stooges                    Studio Sessions              15,00 DM
   Stretch                    Elastique (Why Did You Do    15,00 DM
   Sun Ra                     The Heliocentric Worlds      19,00 DM
   Sweet                      Collection                   10,00 DM
   Sweet                      Outtakes                     10,00 DM
   Swingout Sister            It's Better To Travel        15,00 DM
   T.Rex                      Very Best                    10,00 DM
   T.Tex                      Marc                         15,00 DM
   Talk Talk                  The Colour Of Spring         15,00 DM
   Taylor,James               Never Die Young              15,00 DM
   Taylor,James               That's Why I'm Here          15,00 DM
   Television Personalities   Yes Darling,But Is It Art    35,00 DM
   Ten Years After            Cricklewood Green            17,00 DM
   Third World War            2                            35,00 DM
   Times                      Enjoy / Up Against It        35,00 DM
   TLM                        Recharged                    10,00 DM
   Toten Hosen                Im Auftrag des Herrn ...     15,00 DM
   Toten Hosen                Love Peace & Money           15,00 DM
   Toto                       The Seventh One              15,00 DM
   Toxoplasma                 Spielen ihre Lieder !        15,00 DM
   Tribute                    New Views                    15,00 DM
   Troy,Doris                 same                         15,00 DM
   U 96                       Replugged                    10,00 DM
   UB 40                      Labour Of Love 1 & 2  2CD    15,00 DM
   United Frequencies Of      Volume 1                     10,00 DM
   Uriah Heep                 BUCH: The Story Of Uriah     85,00 DM
                              Heep Vol.2 - deutsch,580
                              Seiten,520 Bilder
   V.A.                       An Evening With Windham      10,00 DM
                              Hill - Live
   V.A.                       Encomium - A Tribute To      15,00 DM
                              Led Zeppelin
   V.A.                       Headful Of Rock 2            10,00 DM
   V.A.                       Ju Ju Roots                  35,00 DM
   V.A.                       Neuer Deutscher              15,00 DM
                              Dancefloor Vol.3  2 CD
   V.A.                       Razorblade Records           10,00 DM
                              Compilation 1
   V.A.                       Soundtrack zur ZDF-Serie     19,00 DM
                              "Terra-X"  2CD
   V.A. (60's)                Freakbeat Freakout           35,00 DM
   V.A. (90's Hits)           100% Dance - Dancing         10,00 DM
                              Through The 90's
   V.A. (Blues)               It's Blues                   10,00 DM
   V.A.  (Blues)              The Blues Collection         10,00 DM
   V.A.  (Blues)              The Blues Story              10,00 DM
   V.A.  (Country)            Blue Train                   10,00 DM
   V.A.  (Hits '98)           Hitbreaker '98 Die Zweite    19,00 DM
   V.A.  (Independent /       Neue Gen-Erra-Tion III       10,00 DM
   Industrial)                "Güteklasse"
   V.A.  (Jazz)               Reference Highlights 2       10,00 DM
   V.A.  (Jazz)               Talkin' Jazz  Vol.1          19,00 DM
   V.A.  (Jazz)               The Revolutionary Hymns      19,00 DM
   V.A.  (Klassik modern)     Musik unserer Zeit           10,00 DM
   V.A.  (Progressive 70's)   Dawn Of A New Age            35,00 DM
   V.A. (Punk/Ska)            Vita Party  2 CD             15,00 DM
   V.A.  (Soul)               Perfect 10 III               10,00 DM
   V.I.P.'s  (Spooky Tooth)   Lost And Found               35,00 DM
   Van Der Graaf Generator    H To He Who Am The Only      15,00 DM
   Vandross,Luther            Songs                        15,00 DM
   Vanilla Fudge              Psychedelic Sundae           15,00 DM
   Värttinä                   Vihma                        15,00 DM
   Vega,Ray                   Remember When                15,00 DM
   Velez,Martha               Angels Of The Future /       15,00 DM
   Waits,Tom                  Foreign Affairs              15,00 DM
   Wakeman,Rick               Live - Best Of               10,00 DM
   War                        Youngblood                   15,00 DM
   Warnes,Jennifer            Best Of                      10,00 DM
   Warnes,Jennifer            Famous Blue Raincoat         15,00 DM
   Warwick,Dionne             Friends                      15,00 DM
   Warwick,Dionne             Heartbreaker                 13,00 DM
   Warwick,Dionne             How Many Times Can We Say    10,00 DM
   Waters,Muddy               Greatest Hits                10,00 DM
   Watson,Helen               Blue Slipper                 15,00 DM
   Weathermen                 The Black Album According    15,00 DM
   Weiss,Klaus  Orchestra     Live At The Domicile         35,00 DM
   Werner,Pe                  Kribbeln im Bauch            15,00 DM
   Werner,Pe                  Los !                        15,00 DM
   Werner,Pe                  same                         15,00 DM
   Werner,Pe                  Weibsbilder                  15,00 DM
   Westernhagen               Die Sonne so rot             10,00 DM
   Wet Wet Wet                End Of Part One ... Their    15,00 DM
                              Greatest Hits
   White,Barry                Greatest Hits Vol.2          15,00 DM
   White,Barry                The Collection               15,00 DM
   White,Barry                The Right Night And Barry    15,00 DM
   White,Barry  with Love     Satin & Soul Vol.2  2CD      15,00 DM
   White,Tony Joe             Live  9.2.92 Hamburg         35,00 DM
   Who                        Odds & Sods                  17,00 DM
   Wild Magnolias             same                         35,00 DM
   Wishing Dulisch            First Takes                  10,00 DM
   Womack & Womack            Conscience                   13,00 DM
   Yes                        Big Generator                15,00 DM
   Yes                        Close To The Edge            10,00 DM
   Yes                        Fragile                      15,00 DM
   Yes                        same                         17,00 DM
   Young,Jesse Colin          Together                     19,00 DM
   Zappa / Mothers            Just An Other Band From      17,00 DM
                              Los Angeles

MONO Schallplatten  --  Bergdriesch 14 -- 52062 Aachen  --  Germany