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Hello again,this is the ole MONO calling...

Few time ago we became the owner of a although not big but very  
interesting collection of Reggae-LPs and so it went to become a sort of  
"This Months Special".If You want more information (label,country,etc.)  
about the records,please contact us.The condition of the records is  
excellent as usual (BUT You know,what is meant by "excellent" in Jamaican  
So,here they are !

   Reggae - LPs         Stand :  19. März 1999

           Interpret                    Titel               Preis
   -------------------------  -------------------------  -----------
   Abyssinians                Arise                         29,00 DM
   Abyssinians                Forward On To Zion            35,00 DM
   Abyssinians                Tenayistillin / Mandella      15,00 DM
   African Dub                All-Mighty Chapter 3          29,00 DM
   African Dub                Chapter Two                   49,00 DM
   Aggrovators & King Tubby   Dub Jackpot                   25,00 DM
   Andy,Horace                Natty Dread A Weh She         35,00 DM
   Andy,Horace                Pure Rankin                   35,00 DM
   Andy,Horace                Sings For You And I - 20      49,00 DM
                              Increadible Hits
   Apache Indian              Nuff Vibes  MAXI              15,00 DM
   Banton,Buju                Mr.Mention                    25,00 DM
   Basement 5                 1965 - 1980                   35,00 DM
   Big Youth                  Everyday Skank (Best Of)      29,00 DM
   Big Youth                  Screaming Target              35,00 DM
   Black Uhuru                Reggae Greats                 19,00 DM
   Black Uhuru                Showcase                      49,00 DM
   Blondy,Alpha  & The        Jerusalem                     25,00 DM
   Bolo,Yamie                 Jah Made Them All             19,00 DM
   Brooks,Cedric              United Africa                 55,00 DM
   Brooks,Mike                Rum Drinker                   29,00 DM
   Brown,Barry  & Johnny      Sings Roots & Culture         25,00 DM
   Brown,Dennis               If I Follow My Heart          29,00 DM
   Brown,Dennis               Live At Montreux              19,00 DM
   Brown,Dennis               Love Has Found It's Way       19,00 DM
   Brown,Dennis               Money In My Pocket            19,00 DM
   Brown,Dennis               More                          49,00 DM
   Brown,Dennis               The Prophet Rides Again       15,00 DM
   Brown,Dennis               Visions                       19,00 DM
   Brown,Dennis               Wolf & Leopards               29,00 DM
   Brown,Dennis               Words Of Wisdom               19,00 DM
   Burning Spear              Dry & Heavy                   35,00 DM
   Burning Spear              Garvey's Ghost
   Burning Spear              Live                          85,00 DM
   Burning Spear              Live In Paris Zenith '88      39,00 DM
                              2 LP
   Burning Spear              Living Dub Vol.1              35,00 DM
   Burning Spear              Man In The Hills              29,00 DM
   Burning Spear              Marcus Garvey                 39,00 DM
   Burning Spear              Marcus' Children              35,00 DM
   Burning Spear              Resistance                    35,00 DM
   Burning Spear              Rocking Time                  35,00 DM
   Clarke,Johnny              Originally Mr.Clarke          29,00 DM
   Clarke,Johnny              Rock With Me Baby             49,00 DM
   Cliff,Jimmy                The Harder They Come
   Cliff,Jimmy                Wonderful World,Beautiful
   Culture                    Cumbolo                       49,00 DM
   Culture                    In Culture                    25,00 DM
   Culture                    International Herb            25,00 DM
   Culture                    Lion Rock                     35,00 DM
   Culture                    More                          29,00 DM
   Culture                    Two Seven Clash               35,00 DM
   Danglades,Yvon             Destruction                   10,00 DM
   Dawn Penn                  Night And Day (Augustus       15,00 DM
                              Pablo Mixes)  MAXI
   Dawn Penn                  You Don't Love Me   MAXI      15,00 DM
   Dillinger                  14 K Gold - Golden Hits      120,00 DM
   Dillinger                  CB 200                        25,00 DM
   Dillinger                  Cocaine In My Brain /         15,00 DM
                              Funky Punk  MAXI
   Dillinger                  Funky Punk Rock To The
   Dr.Alimantado              Best Dressed Chicken In       19,00 DM
   Dr.Alimantado              Kings Bread Dub               25,00 DM
   Dr.Alimantado              Love Is                       29,00 DM
   Dr.Alimantado              Sons Of Thunder               29,00 DM
   Dr.Alimantado              The Privileged Few            25,00 DM
   Dr.Alimantado              Wonderful Time                29,00 DM
   Dread,Mikey                Beyond World War III          25,00 DM
   Dread,Mikey                S.W.A.L.K.                    25,00 DM
   Dunbar,Sly                 Sly-go-ville                  25,00 DM
   Earl Zero                  Visions Of Love               49,00 DM
   Early "B"                  Sunday Dish                   35,00 DM
   Edwards,Max                Rockers Arena                 19,00 DM
   Eight "O" Nine             The Album                     35,00 DM
   Escape From Hell           same                          49,00 DM
   Gibbs,Joe  & The           Majestic Dub                  25,00 DM
   Gladiators                 Presenting                    35,00 DM
   Gordon,Vin                 Way Over Yonder               29,00 DM
   Griffiths,Marcia           Steppin'                      25,00 DM
   H R                        Charge                        29,00 DM
   H.R.                       It's About Luv                19,00 DM
   Harriott,Derrick           Riding The Musical            25,00 DM
   Heptones                   Better Days                   25,00 DM
   Heptones                   Book Of Rules                 35,00 DM
   Heptones                   King Of My Town               19,00 DM
   Heptones                   Party Time                    25,00 DM
   Higgs,Joe                  Triumph !                     35,00 DM
   High Times All-Star        same                          25,00 DM
   Holt,John                  Police In Helicopter          19,00 DM
   Hudson,Keith               Rasta Communication
   Human Rights               Viva Azania                   19,00 DM
   Ijahman Levi               Tell It To The Children       25,00 DM
   Inner Circle               Discipline Child / Nosed       6,00 DM
                              Please  MAXI
   Inner Circle               Everything Is Creat           10,00 DM
   Inner Circle               Everything Is Great /          9,00 DM
                              Mary Mary
   Irie,Welton                Ghettoman Corner              19,00 DM
   Isaacs,Gregory             Mr.Isaacs                     25,00 DM
   Isaacs,Gregory             Night Nurse                   25,00 DM
   Isaacs,Gregory             Pardon Me !                   19,00 DM
   Israel Vibration           Praises                       49,00 DM
   Israel Vibration           Unconquered People            25,00 DM
   Israel Vibration           Vibes Alive !  2LP            35,00 DM
   Israel Vibration           Why You So Craven             25,00 DM
   Izrah                      same                          35,00 DM
   Johnson,Linton Kwesi       Forces Of Victory             15,00 DM
   Joseph,Donovan             Sounds Of Many Clours         29,00 DM
   Kamoze,Ini                 same                          19,00 DM
   Kamoze,Ini                 Statement                     19,00 DM
   King Of Dub                same                          29,00 DM
   Knight,Steve               Orphan Child                  29,00 DM
   Knowledge                  Words...Sounds And Power      29,00 DM
   Levy,Barrington            Hunter Man                    19,00 DM
   Levy,Barrington            Open Book                     35,00 DM
   Little Harry / Billy Boyo  DJ Clash Vol.2                25,00 DM
   Locks,Fred                 Black Star Liner              29,00 DM
   Macka-B                    We've Had Enough              29,00 DM
   Madoo                      Best Of                       49,00 DM
   Marley,Bob                 Babylon By Bus  2LP           19,00 DM
   Marley,Bob                 Live !                        15,00 DM
   Marley,Bob  & The Wailers  Babylon By Bus  2 LP          19,00 DM
   Marley,Rita                Who Feels It Knows It         10,00 DM
   McAnuff,Winston  Electric  Pick Hits To Click            49,00 DM
   Meditations                Wake Up !                     35,00 DM
   Meditations                Wake Up !
   Mexicano                   Alone Again                   10,00 DM
   Michael,Ras                Anthem / Dub Away  MAXI       15,00 DM
   Michael,Ras                Mediator                      49,00 DM
   Mighty Diamonds            The Roots Is Here             29,00 DM
   Mighty Diamonds            Vital Selection               19,00 DM
   Minott,Sugar               Meet The People ...           49,00 DM
   Mundell,Hugh               Africa Must Be Free By        75,00 DM
   Mundell,Hugh               Arise                         49,00 DM
   Mundell,Hugh               Blackman's Foundation         49,00 DM
   Mundell,Hugh               Jah Rastafari                 25,00 DM
   Mutabaruka                 Blakk Wi Blak...k...k...      35,00 DM
   Mutabaruka                 The Mystery Unfolds           35,00 DM
   Nash,Johnny                What A Wonderful World
   Onuora,Oku                 Pressure Drop                 45,00 DM
   Onuora,Oku                 Wi A Come  MAXI               15,00 DM
   Osbourne,Johnnie           Warrior                       25,00 DM
   Osbourne,Johnnie           YoYo                          25,00 DM
   Osbourne,Johnny            Fally Lover                   19,00 DM
   Osbourne,Johnny            Truths And Rights             35,00 DM
   Pablo,Augustus             Authentic Golden Melodies     29,00 DM
   Pablo,Augustus             Heartical Chart               35,00 DM
   Pablo,Augustus             Ital Dub                      19,00 DM
   Pablo,Augustus             One Step Dub                  49,00 DM
   Pablo,Augustus             Original Rockers              49,00 DM
   Pablo,Augustus             Original Rockers Vol.2        49,00 DM
   Pablo,Augustus             Presents Eastman Dub -        25,00 DM
                              Rockers International
   Pablo,Augustus             Presents Rockers Dub          35,00 DM
                              Store 90's
   Pablo,Augustus             Rebel Rock Reggae             25,00 DM
   Pablo,Augustus             Rising Sun                    19,00 DM
   Pampidoo                   The Governor General          35,00 DM
   Paul,Frankie               Best Of                       49,00 DM
   Perry,Lee                  Excaliburman                  29,00 DM
   Perry,Lee                  Heart Of The Ark              29,00 DM
   Perry,Lee                  Heart Of The Ark  Vol.2       29,00 DM
   Perry,Lee                  Megaton Dub                   49,00 DM
   Perry,Lee                  Mystic Miracle Star           29,00 DM
   Perry,Lee                  Public Jestering              29,00 DM
   Perry,Lee                  Roast Fish Collie Weed &      35,00 DM
                              Corn Bread
   Perry,Lee                  Smokin'                       35,00 DM
   Perry,Lee "Scratch"        Lord God Muzick               35,00 DM
   Perry,Lee  & Friends       Open The Gate  3-LP-Box       59,00 DM
   Priest,Maxi                Peace Throughout The          10,00 DM
                              World  MAXI
   Prince Alla / Earl Zero /  Lovers Rock                   35,00 DM
   Phillip Fraser / George
   Prince Alla / Rod Taylor   Cities / Don't Give It Up     15,00 DM
   Prince Allah               King Of The Road              29,00 DM
   Prince Far I               Musical History               29,00 DM
   Prince Far I               Under Heavy Manners           29,00 DM
   Prince Far I               Voice Of Thunder              29,00 DM
   Prince Jazzbo              Ital Corner                   25,00 DM
   Prophet,Michael            Know The "Right"              49,00 DM
   Prophet,Michael            Righteous Are The             10,00 DM
   Prophet,Michael  & Yabby   Vocal & Dub                   35,00 DM
   Ranking Dellinger          Superstar                     35,00 DM
   Ranking Joe                Saturday Night Jamdown        29,00 DM
   Reggae George              Mix Up                        25,00 DM
   Reid,Junior                Original Foreign Mind         49,00 DM
   Reid,Junior / Don Carlos   Firehouse Clash               49,00 DM
   Reid,Norris                Roots & Vine                  29,00 DM
   Revelation Time            South Africa  MAXI            10,00 DM
   Rocker's Almighty Dub      same                          25,00 DM
   Romeo,Max  & The           War Ina Babylon               10,00 DM
   Ross,Junior                Babylon Fall                  35,00 DM
   Sherman,Bim                Danger                        19,00 DM
   Smart,Leroy                Jah Loves Everyone            29,00 DM
   Smart,Leroy                Super Star                    29,00 DM
   Smart,Leroy  & Junior      Face To Face Clash            35,00 DM
   Sons Of Negus              Freedom Sounds                49,00 DM
   Soul Syndicate             Harvest Uptown                35,00 DM
   Soul Syndicate             Was,Is & Always               35,00 DM
   Spence,Sonya               In The Dark                   29,00 DM
   Sticky Fingers             same                          25,00 DM
   Studio 1 Disco             (white Label)                 75,00 DM
   Studio 1 Disco             Hi Fashion Dub Top Ten        75,00 DM
   Studio 1 Dub               African Rub "A" Dub           75,00 DM
   Sugar Minott               Bitter Sweet                  29,00 DM
   Sugar Minott               Black Roots                   19,00 DM
   Sugar Minott               Ghetto.Ology                  29,00 DM
   Sugar Minott               Live Loving                   35,00 DM
   Sugar Minott               With Lots Of Extra            29,00 DM
   Tappa Zukie                Born To Be Black  MAXI        15,00 DM
   Tappa Zukie                International                 35,00 DM
   Tappa Zukie                Roots Man Connection          35,00 DM
   Tetrack                    Let's Get Started             25,00 DM
   The War Is On              Dub Style                     29,00 DM
   Third World                96° In The Shade              25,00 DM
   Third World                Journey To Addis              15,00 DM
   Third World                Now That We Found Love        15,00 DM
   Third World                Prisoner In The Street        15,00 DM
   Third World                Rock The World                10,00 DM
   Third World / Denroy       Now That We Found Love /      10,00 DM
   Morgan                     I'll Do Anything For You
   Thompson,Linval            Cool Down                     25,00 DM
   Thompson,Linval            Rocking Vibration             25,00 DM
   Thompson,Linval            Six Babylon                   35,00 DM
   Thompson,Linval / Wayne    Train To Zion Dub             49,00 DM
   Jarrett / Ranking Trevor
   Tosh,Peter                 Bush Doctor                   15,00 DM
   Tosh,Peter                 Don't Look Back
                              (Dub-Version)  MAXI
   Twinkle Brothers           Countrymen                    49,00 DM
   Twinkle Brothers           Praise Jah                    25,00 DM
   UB 40                      Rat In The Kitchen            10,00 DM
   UB 40                      same                          10,00 DM
   Upsetters                  Upsetter Collection           29,00 DM
   V.A.                       Chich 1                       19,00 DM
   V.A.                       Classic Rockers 2             49,00 DM
   V.A.                       Clocktower Classics Vol.1     25,00 DM
   V.A.                       Disco Showcase                19,00 DM
   V.A.                       High Times All Stars          35,00 DM
                              Explosion Vol.2
   V.A.                       If DeeJay Was Your Trade      25,00 DM
   V.A.                       Joe Gibbs Revive 45's         25,00 DM
   V.A.                       Joe Gibbs Revive 45's         25,00 DM
   V.A.                       Reggae Bloodlines             35,00 DM
   V.A.                       Rockers International         19,00 DM
   V.A.                       Rockers International  2      19,00 DM
   V.A.                       Rockers Vibration             25,00 DM
   V.A.                       Roots Tradition               25,00 DM
   V.A.                       This Is Reggae Music
   V.A.                       This Is Reggae Music
   Wade,Wayne                 Evil Woman                    35,00 DM
   Wailer,Bunny               Dubd'sco  Vol.1               35,00 DM
   Wailer,Bunny               In I Fathers House            35,00 DM
   Wailer,Bunny               Liberation                    35,00 DM
   Wailer,Bunny               Protest                       35,00 DM
   Wailer,Bunny               Struggle                      35,00 DM
   Wailing Soul               Best Of                       35,00 DM
   Walker,Sylford             Lamb's Bread                  25,00 DM
   Washington,Delroy          I-Sus                         29,00 DM
   Washington,Delroy          Rasta                         25,00 DM
   Yellowman                  The Negril Chill (The
                              Roir Sessions)
   Zephaniah,Benjamin         same                          25,00 DM